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here is no digital hunting magazine like it! Informative, inspiring and international! Hunting Worldwide Magazine is a bimonthly periodical that breaks the mold of digital publications and provides a richer experience for hunting enthusiasts around the globe. Easy to read and navigate on your iPad, Android tablet or Online, Hunting Worldwide Magazine goes beyond the written word to include feature-length films and other multimedia elements.

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In each issue of Hunting Worldwide Magazine you can find some amazing films, some short and some even at feature-length. Many of these films are exclusive to Hunting Worldwide and can not be found anywhere else. Here is a short teaser of what you can find inside.

Fisher of Souls

We pitched camp nearby under magnificent mimosas but prudently had our drinking water drawn from another well. In the afternoon, we scouted out the buffalo herd. Above our camp, there was a meadow that ascended slightly and went on up into the steep slope of the Mberera. To our surprise, there was an abundance of papyrus plants here. For a distance of almost a quarter of an hour, everything green had been trampled on and eaten. Very carefully and as quiet as mice, we got through an incredibly dense thorn bush by following elephant tracks, always expecting to suddenly have buffalo up ahead of us…

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No pain, no gain

A hunt in the Savoy alps. On the first day of hunting, the car takes us up a large part of the ascent. Arriving at the end of the rough road, we park it in the shadow of the mountain, pack our seven items, put everything into rucksacks, look at the peaks above us for a last time with furrowed brows and begin our walk. Secretly, I am hoping for a difficult ascent, as my first chamois hunt has already practically traumatised me: three chamois bucks relieved our arduous walk. They crossed the path that we were going up in a small Suzuki Jeep. One of them was suitable; the guide gave the green light. I didn’t have to take more than two steps… Read more

Rigby is back!

Rigby is the third oldest gun maker in the world and has significantly influenced the history of hunting rifles, but also played a part in military weapons. In 1887, John Rigby participated in the development of the Enfield military repeater with a .303 British caliber which was used as the service rifle in England for 70 years and was also popular as a sport and hunting rifle. With the .450 cartridge 3¼ inch Nitro Express developed in 1898, Rigby revolutionized the double-barrel market because this cartridge made it possible to make much better balanced double-barrel rifles for big game hunting… Read more

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The Global Magazine for Hunting Enthusiasts informed amazed! HUNTING WORLDWIDE MAGAZINE is at the forefront providing Illustrated and precise information with its in-depth articles, useful short messages, professional tests on equipment and weapons, tips and tricks from experts and reports on hunting grounds throughout the world. It is one of the first Digital Magazines that breaks the mold of simple PDF based publications for Hunting Enthusiasts around the world. By doing so, we are able to supply a far greater Hunting experience making it easier to read and navigate, more entertaining and informative with feature length films and multimedia elements. Including direct in-app internet browsing of products and suppliers. Published 6 times per year, we believe that the experience that you will have by reading HUNTING WORLDWIDE MAGAZINE will speak for itself and we hope to see you out there tracking that game where ever in the world you might be. HUNTING WORLDWIDE MAGAZINE offers businesses a new portal for communication to Hunters around the world, enabling a direct contact solution and an open platform to deliver the best possible information and services to an existing customer base. One of our features allows for Agents and Outfitters of Hunting experiences worldwide to advertise their offers continuously within each publication. And you can publish and edit these live on our website. Then the ability to offer interactive adverts with film and in-app internet access direct to your product or service online is a must for any company advertising.
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For those who have not seen it… We loved the advert from Toyota New Zealand. But like most before it and many others to come, it was taken down due to public pressure. Here it is anyway. Enjoy!
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